my trails

Here you find a small selection of my hiking tours in different areas of Eastern Liguria. Of course, the list can be extended a lot. I'll be happy to personalize the hikes according to your wishes. I have suggestions for the lunch break, the best picnic spots or where to go for interesting wine tastings. Just ask me!

1) Levanto:

around the Punta Mesco promontory

The circular hike starts in the old town centre of Levanto. We walk along the medieval walls and soon we get good views over the large valley of Levanto. During the hike we discover the so called "green rocks" which are covered with fragrant thyme and other aromatic herbs. Once arrived on the crest we enjoy the panorama over the whole Cinque Terre coast. After a picnic stop near the ruins of Sant'Antonio at Punta Mesco we will return to Levanto on the main trail, immersed in the mediterranean vegetation and with the deep blue sea right below us. In the afternoon we reach the beach promenade of Levanto. What's better than a swim or an aperitif to end the hiking day? 

Cinque Terre, Levanto, Monterosso, Punta Mesco, hiking, Liguria
view over the Cinque Terre from Punta Mesco
  • hike about 5 hrs, difference in altitude +/- 500 m
  • length about 11 km

2) Baie del Levante:

between Bonassola and Framura

We start in the morning in the small coastal town of Bonassola. A varied path leads us to the lookout point "Salto della Lepre", past vineyards and olive groves, through a shady holm oak forest and over a river, as well as along sun-kissed cliffs. The hike ends with a tour through the characteristic village of Framura, awarded with the title of one of the most beautiful villages in Italy. The new panoramic promenade "Via del Mare" by the sea leads us back to the station. 

my tip: the tour can be extended with a meeting with Emilio, a young farmer in Framura. Enjoy a tasting of his wines, olive oil and seasonal produce.

Bonassola, Framura, Riviera di Levante, hiking
panorama at "Salto della Lepre"
  • hike about 4 hrs, difference in altitude +/- 400 m
  • length about 7 km 
  • longer version possible with start in Levanto and/ or stop in Montaretto

3) Cinque Terre National Park:

on the way of the sanctuaries from Vernazza to Monterosso

This nice and little frequented trail begins in the picturesque village of Vernazza. We start here early in the morning before the many day visitors arrive. The path leads us quickly uphill past impressive terraced vineyards. Finally, we reach a beautifully situated St. Mary's Church, where an 800-year-old cypress stands. We continue on a narrow path through the fragrant Mediterranean scrub, always with great views. We reach another St. Mary's Church, Madonna di Soviore, one of the oldest churches in Liguria. The shady forecourt and a small bar invite you to rest. On a former pilgrim path we descend through forest and cultivated land until we reach the center of Monterosso.

my tip: conclude with a wine tasting at the wine grower's cellar or in a enoteca

Vernazza, Cinque Terre, Monterosso, Liguria
view to Vernazza
  • hike about 5 hrs, difference in altitude +/- 550 m
  • length about 10 km
  • the tour is nice also in the opposite direction

4) Cinque Terre National Park:

through the vineyards from Manarola to Corniglia

On this hike, you will discover in an impressive way why the Cinque Terre are so special: it is not a wild natural landscape but a cultural landscape that has been created during centuries of work by the inhabitants. With huge effort they built dry stone walls along the steep coast in order to grow wine on the terraces. From Manarola we climb up vertical steps through the vineyard terraces until we reach the small village of Volastra. The trail continues through the spectacular terraced landscape, always with views over the coastline. After an equally steep descent we reach the village of Corniglia, the smallest of the Cinque Terre.

my tip: end the tour with a tasting of local wines in Corniglia or Manarola

Corniglia, Manarola, hiking Cinque Terre, vineyards
the terrace fields with vines near Volastra
  • hike about 3.5 hrs. difference in altitude +/-400 m
  • length about 7 km

5) Natural Park Portovenere:

The tour of island Palmaria

The island of Palmaria in the Gulf of Poets is part of the Natural Park of Portovenere. It can be reached seasonally by ferry boat from La Spezia and all year round from Portovenere. The hike is indeed very good in the off-season or in the winter months. The varied circular walk offers unique views of Portovenere, the Gulf of Poets and the Apuan Alps in Tuscany. On the island we will encounter many interesting plants as well as a fairly large breeding colony of seagulls and the dwarf goats. On the hike we will see old fortifications from the 19th century as well as the disused marble quarries of the precious black Portoro marble.

Palmaria island, Portovenere, hiking in Liguria
St. Peter's church of Portovenere, seen from Palmaria Island
  • hike about 3 hrs, difference in altitude +/- 300 m
  • length about 7 km
  • shorter round tours are possible

6) Natural Park Portofino:

from Camogli to Portofino

The natural park of Portofino has a large network of trails and I can recommend several beautiful walks. A hike where we get to know the many facets of the promontory begins in the picturesque village of Camogli, from where we climb up stairs through terraced cultivated land to the small village of San Rocco. The path continues through a shady forest and later on the ridge with great views over the so called paradise gulf to Genoa. Finally, the path turns to the south side and the sea, which we notice clearly in the temperatures and the changing vegetation. The hike ends in the small and famous village of Portofino. After a stroll we take the public ferry boat to Santa Margherita Ligure.

Portofino, Camogli, hiking in Liguria
view to Portofino
  • hike about 5 hrs, difference in altitude +/- 600 m
  • length about 10 km
  • the nature park offers a large network of trails. Tours for all difficulty levels are possible.