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nature and hiking guide in Liguria

Exploring nature has always been a big passion of mine. After a voluntary ecological year, I decided to study biology and ecology. A few years later - I had already moved to Liguria - I obtained the qualification as a nature and hiking guide. Now I've been living for more than 15 years in Levanto and I'm still captivated by the beauty of this unique natural and cultural landscape. 


I will be happy to take you on the most interesting hiking trails of the Riviera di Levante - whether you are an organized hiking group (max. 25 participants), a group of friends or a family, or if you are travelling alone. 


I am a member of the Italian und the Ligurian association of nature and hiking guides, certified by the Region of Liguria as well as a guide of the National Park Cinque Terre.

hiking guide Liguria

hiking and nature guide certification of the region Liguria

national park guide Cinque Terre

guide of the National Park Cinque Terre

hiking guide italy

member of the Italian hiking and nature guide association

hiking guide Liguria

member of the hiking and nature guide association Liguria